Here are some answers to some common metal roofing questions.

How does the cost of a metal roof cost compared to an asphalt roof?

Depending on the type of metal panel and type of asphalt roof that are being compared. Te than a traditional asphalt roof, but that also depends on who installs the roof.  The cost for materials differs slightly, but the installation cost for sheet metal roofs may cost more since many companies only deal with asphalt shingles.

How would my house look with a metal roof?

That depends on your personal taste.  You can choose from many different metal colors, which will give you the look and feel you want.  Whether you want flashy, contemporary, or traditional, metal shingles can meet your personal preferences.

How does a metal roof save me money?

Metal roofs have a few different ways to save you money.  Initially, the cost for the roof may be higher than traditional asphalt roofs, but the cost is over time.  A standard metal roof will last for +40 years, while a standard roof last 15 years.

Is a metal roof more prone to lighting strikes?

No.  Metal roofs do not increase the likelihood of lighting striking your house.

Can a metal roof be installed over an existing roof?

Yes, and no.  The current condition of your roof will dictate whether or not you can install a metal roof over your existing roof.  If you have 1-2 layers of shingles on your roof, long roofing nails and shimming can be used to run over our existing roof.  If your plywood has structural issues or you have more than 2 layers of shingles, you will not be able to lay the metal roof over the existing roof.

Is my metal roof going to rust?

Paint layer pictureNot for many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, years!  We use the highest grade metal roofing material to make sure your rood does not rust.  The processes used for production, quality control, coating, and installation allow us to guarantee our product for +40 years.  Based on the image to the right, you can see that there is a lot of work that goes into making these metal sheets last.

Can I install solar panels on my metal roof?

Yes.  Be aware that your solar panels still need to be attached securely to the roof.

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