Standing Seam


  • Standing Seam Metal Roofing Panels ideal for Residential or commercial application. The standing seam roofing system is the premium choice, with up to 59 colors to choose from available in 26 and 24 gauge and is specially designed so that the fasteners are hidden. Thus adding to the beauty and limiting the possibility for any leeks. The trim and flashing available with the standing seam roofing system are also specially design to minimize the need of exposed fasteners. ARCO Metal Roofing’s Standing Seam panels come with nail fin attached we also have an elite line of trim allowing the contractor to install the trim before the panels saving time and effort.
  • The standing seam metal is painted with a Siliconized Polyester (SMP) paint made by Valspar. Valspar is also a main leader in the paint industry and has been trusted for many years. The metal panels are protected with a galvanized base coat, primed and the painted to insure many years of protection.
Standing Seam - Copper

Standing Seam – Copper


  • Longevity & Low Maintenance – it is very possible that a metal roof may not leek for 60 plus years. No one has ever seen truly how long this new metal roofing product will last. The paint is suppose to be in tack at the end of 40 years plus the metal is protected by primer and a 25 1/2 year galvalum coating add together is a long long time. There is virtually no maintenance necessary no mold, No curling and No Tar streaks.
  • Environmentally Friendly/Energy Efficiency – – Metal panels are made from 20 – 75 %  recyclable materials and eliminates the need to fill, landfills with more than a billion pounds of asphalt shingles each year. Metal roofs are also easy to insulate to save energy in winter and they have reflective qualities to save energy in summer. click on links for more info.
  • Cost savings – There are many cost saving advantages to metal roofs. The greatest is saving on a metal roof is the savings over the life span of the roof not spending large amounts of money to tear off and replace other inferior roofs. There is also money to be saved on energy use, tax credits, possible insurance, and possibly installation.



  • Minimum recommended slope is 3:12
    • 17 3/4″ width, 1″ Rib height, any length.
    • 26 or 24 gauge metal
    • 40 year paint
    • 10 colors in stock 59 to choose from
    • Attached nail fin
    • Covers 16″‘ width
    • 1 fastener every 1′
    • installed over solid surface is recommended

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