ARCO Metal Roofing is proud of the 40 year guaranty that comes with its painted metal products. 40 years is along time, no one knows exactly what is going to happen in the next 40 years, but we have seen, painted metal products last and out last there expectations.  Not like so many of the asphalt roofs that promise 25, 30, and 50 years and only lasting some times 12 -15  years. There have been so many home owners and business owners disappointed and financial hurt by false expectation of inferior products. We have researched and used painted metal products for a long time and have seen them stand the test of time, Also the paint industry has made great advancement in the chemistry of there paint. Akzo Nobel has test their painted metal products in the south Florida sun in real life situation and are confident that their paint will stand the test of time. So whether you need a new roof, siding,  or material for your pole barn ARCO’s painted metal products are a great way to go. Click on the link below to view a sample warranty.

  • 26 gauge standing seam painted metal products by Valspar
  • 26 gauge Standing seam galvalume (unpainted) metal products by Valspar
  • 29 gauge Pro 5 Panel painted metal products by Akzo Noble


To educate your self on the manufacturing of metal products follow links below

http://www.ussteel.com/uss/portal/home/products/sheet   Then click on coated sheets, then GALVALUM